Mobile substations

A mobile substation contains all the elements related to an electrical substation, but mounted on one or more mobile platforms. It is a quick and easy solution to temporarily restore a power supply or to provide electricity on a temporary project. There is a great diversity of designs and equipment that adapt perfectly to each need.

The ability to establish this equipment at any location in just a few hours has made it an essential element in guaranteeing supply in projects or installations that require a temporary electricity supply. In addition, the units are designed for outdoor use, guaranteeing their operation for years.

This equipment offers service providers the time they need to carry out repairs and maintenance work in conventional substations without affecting supply. Ensuring the consumer does not suffer any power cuts during the course of these works.

The main characteristics considered in the design of this equipment are the following:

  • Easy transportation and installation
  • Constructed from modular elements
  • No civil works are necessary for installation
  •  Easy and rapid assembly
  • Safety


We have the engineering, experience and infrastructure to design and assemble mobile equipment on a trailer or in a shipping container, designing equipment in a way that is tailored to the needs of each customer.

Our technical department designs equipment that is easy to transport and install on site. It also seeks designs that cover the maximum possible number of voltages.


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