Electrical protection testing

Protection systems play a important role in the safety of both facilities and people. For these protection systems to fulfil their purpose, it is necessary for them to be correctly defined and their efficient performance verified.

Protection and control systems have to be correctly integrated if the substation or power station is to function adequately, therefore it is necessary to verify the TT/TI-relay-switch chain functions correctly.

At 4fores, we offer the following services for electrical protections:

  • Coordination studies: Theoretical calculation of settings
  • Automatic loading of settings into the relay
  • Secondary injection to verify the operation of all types of relay:

– Overcurrent
– Distance
– Directional
– Over/under voltage etc.

One of the tasks in which 4fores has the greatest experience within the electricity sector is in adjusting protection systems in MV and HV grids. Based on the settings, specific tests are carried out tailored to each actual protection installed. This can provide significant savings in the costs and execution times of the tests carried out.

We have a dedicated laboratory for protection validation testing, grid conditions simulation, etc. where we work with the protection relays from some of the main manufacturers and electrical companies. Tasks related to grid automation are carried out in this laboratory, including those that directly affect the protection relay.


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