Transformer testing

Transformers are one of an installation’s most valuable elements, so the evaluation of their condition is essential to achieving optimal commissioning by ruling out any manufacturing, transport or installation failure. Testing is also essential for efficient operation and maintenance over the transformer’s life.

At 4fores, we carry out tests on all types of transformers, whether they are power, current or voltage. We have experienced professionals and use the best measuring and testing instruments.

  • POWER TRANSFORMERS: We carry out testing to verify the condition of the transformer and its auxiliary elements:

· Windings
· Tap changer
· Terminals
· Insulation
· Core
· Connection cables
· Surge arresters
· We have the equipment required to carry out the most common tests in transformer testing:

– Static and dynamic winding resistance
– Transformation ratio and excitation current.
– Load tap changer status.
– Leakage reactance
– Dielectric measurements on terminals
– Variable voltage tests (tip-up, tip-down)
– Frequency response test
– Partial discharge test
– Oil degradation analysis
– Insulation condition

  • CURRENT AND/OR VOLTAGE TRANSFORMERS: We carry out the following evaluation tests on voltage and/or current transformers:

· Transformation ratio
· TI or TT charge
· TI excitation curve
· Polarity check
· Accuracy limit factor test
· Power factor test
· Winding resistance
· Non-disruptive voltage test


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