Cable testing

We carry out diagnostic tests and troubleshooting on electrical distribution cables, using the most advanced technologies, as well as non-destructive methods. The tests are carried out both in facilities already in operation (predictive maintenance) and in new facilities (prior to commissioning).

We carry out tests on MV cables to obtain an exhaustive knowledge of the status of these important assets and their evolution over time. This allows possible problems in the conductor or in its joints to be anticipated and repaired before a more severe problem occurs in the installation.


  • CABLE TESTS FOR TROUBLESHOOTIN, focussing on finding and identifying the exact point at which a fault occurs:

· Short-circuits
· Cable breaks
· Resistance failures
· Intermittent faults
· Malfunctions in the cable sheaths
· Water treeing
· Partial discharges

  • CABLE TESTS FOR DIAGNOSIS, aimed at evaluating the condition of the cables. Our diagnostic method determines whether the cable is in good working order, with minimal voltage stress applied to the cable’s dielectric:

· VLF maintained voltage testing
· VLF tan delta testing
· VLF partial discharge testing


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