LVRT / HVRT electrical tests

The expansion of renewable energy generation systems implies meeting new requirements for their integration into the grid. One of them is the ability to withstand voltage dips (LVRT – Low Voltage Ride Through) or overvoltages (HVRT – High Voltage Ride Through) by providing or consuming reactive energy during a possible fault.

At 4fores, we are specialists in electrical testing and the certification of electrical generation systems. The experience and knowledge acquired in the more than 1,000 field trials allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive service. Working with advanced QuEST (Quality Test for Energy Systems) Lab electrical disturbances equipment, our test laboratory, which was designed in-house with patented technology, allows us to carry out tests in different situations, voltages and phase changes.

In addition, we are accredited by ENAC as a testing laboratory in compliance with the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard, allowing us to issue accredited reports in accordance with various standards and procedures in the area of wind and solar energy.


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