Electrical grid quality assessment

Grid quality evaluation tests are based on recording the voltage and current signals at the points of interest in the installation, in accordance with the procedure established by regulations. In addition, subsequent analysis allows the most important indicators to be calculated for the installation grid quality at the measurement points.

Since the beginning of our activity in 2008, field testing and grid quality evaluation services have been one of 4fores‘ main areas of activity, we have carried out numerous audits to evaluate electrical behaviour and the quality of electrical production.

The data recorded and subsequent analysis allows the existing supply quality levels to be characterised, thereby reducing the possibility that problems may occur in the installation, such as:

  • Grid malfunctioning
  • Overheating
  • Premature equipment ageing

We have recording equipment (QualiZer) specifically designed by our technical team that, thanks to its modular nature and versatility, can be adapted to any type of installation or tests that the customer may need:

  • QualiZer allows us to not only verify compliance with international grid quality standards (IEC 61400-21 and FGW), but also to detect anomalous conditions in the supply.
  • In addition, signal analysis software has been developed by our company to facilitate analysis of the recorded information in accordance with the procedures established in the regulations.
  • It can be controlled and configured remotely and the records can also be downloaded remotely, so there is no need for the on-site personnel to monitor, configure or control the records, reducing the cost and duration of the grid quality evaluation survey.


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