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Grid integration - 4 FORES

Grid integration

We have extensive experience in conducting grid and energy system studies, including:

  • Load flow analysis
  • Short circuit studies
  • Transient stability analysis: Stability during faults, voltage limits, frequency deviation
  • Analysis through simulation: Reactive compensation, P/U and Q/f control analysis, PSS adjustment, contingency analysis, overloads, losses, overvoltages, harmonics, compliance with LVRT – Low Voltage Ride Through and HVRT – High Voltage Ride Through requirements
  • Analysis of the impact renewable generation has on a grid
  • Modelling and simulation of wind farms, solar farms, FACTS
  • Model validation
  • Insulation coordination studies in accordance with IEC 60071, earthing


And, also, in incident analysis:

  • Study of incidents in electrical grids
  • Cause analysis and proposals for actions or solutions to eliminate or improve the behaviour of the grid in the situations studied
  • Ad-hoc solutions design (filters, capacitor banks, etc.)


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