Tests and measurements on photovoltaic modules

The photovoltaic module is the most important asset in photovoltaic plants and, at the same time, the most critical. It is recommended the peak power data offered by the manufacturers is checked prior to starting the operation, to identify possible performance deficits, and to take periodic measurements to assess the degradation in power.

At 4fores, we measure the I-V curve in the field, this is the main test to assess the condition of the modules and it offers information on a module’s electrical response. The measurement is made with the help of calibrated measurement equipment so that, regardless of the irradiance and temperature conditions, the module’s production can be determined under standard STC conditions.

With the help of thermographic analysis to detect hot spots, we offer an inspection method to quickly identify the modules that are not operating under optimal conditions and we are, thus, able to propose corrective measures.

Experienced professionals using the best measurement and testing instruments are the ideal combination in determining the actual status of your photovoltaic modules.


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