Power transformer testing

Current, Voltage and Power transformers

The transformer is one of the most valuable elements of an installation. The evaluation of the state of the transformer is essential to ensure its correct operation and to extend its useful life as much as possible. 4fores tests all types of transformers, whether power, current or voltage.


Power transformer

The power transformer is usually the most expensive asset of a substation and the evaluation of the state of this element is essential to ensure its correct operation, extending its useful life as much as possible.

4fores tests the transformer to check his status and its ancillary components:






Connection cables

Surge arresters

We provide equipment to perform the most advanced tests in the testing of transformers:

Static and dynamic winding resistance

Ratio and excitation current

State of on-load tap changer

Leakage reactance

Dielectric measurements in terminals

Tip-up, tip-down tests

Frequency response tests

Analysis of oil degradation

Insulation condition (capacity, power factor/tan δ, dielectric losses)


Current and / or Voltage Transformer

Tests on the current and voltage transformers allow one to detect faults related to wiring and installation prior to use or afterwards. Problems can occur because of faults in the supply itself due to degradation in the accuracy class, shorted-turns, a demagnetized core, degradation of the insulating material, overvoltages and so forth.

4fores conducts the following evaluation tests on voltage and/or current transformers:

Transformer ratio

CT or VT load

CT excitation curve

Checking polarity

Testing the accuracy limiting factor

Testing power factor

Winding resistance

Withstand voltage test

Testing in substation catalog

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