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A mobile substation is basically an electrical substation, since it includes all the elements related to a substation, mounted on one or more mobile platforms.

It is an easy and fast solution to restore temporally the electrical power supply, as quickly as possible. They are an essential equipment to ensure power supply to consumers

There is a huge variety of designs and equipment that are perfectly suited to every need .

The Substations, in general are essential facilities to deliver electricity from the point of generation to the end users.

Sometimes, the equipments that make up an electrical substation may be affected by weather disasters, emergencies, equipment maintenance, equipment change or work of improvement.

For these cases in which the electrical power supply must be re-established in a short period of time, mobile substations have a very important role. Substations are intended for not only to companies from transmission and distribution of energy, but are also focused on oil companies, mining companies, or assembly lines among others, where the loss of the continuity of energy supply means great economic losses and production.

These mobile devices are mainly used for:

Restore power supply due to a natural disaster or a equipment failure.

Increase the capacity of a fixed substation temporally.

Situations in which energy consumption temporally can change its physical location or paces with difficult to access, i.e. as in the case of mining or oil.

Situations in which its necessary to install a mobile substation in parallel while construction of a new substation is completed.

Its ability to locate anywhere in just a few hours make into these equipments an essential element to ensure temporally the electrical power supply.

The equipments are designed for outdoor use, ensuring a proper functioning for years.

This equipment offers to energy providers the time needed to make repairs and maintenance work on the conventional substations without affecting the supply. Avoids power cuts to customers during the course of these works.

Among the benefits of a mobile substation are important to underline:

Configuration customized for each application. It is a solution tailored to the customer needs.

Continuity of electric service. Fast availability.

Putting into service quickly. Assembled and tested at the factory, ready to connect. Immediate solution for emergency situations.

Compact size, offering maximum mobility. They are easy to use in small áreas.

Easy to transport, without special permits or use of scort. Suitable for sea transport.

Modular desing, the equipment can be installed on separate platforms.
Integrated control and protection functions into a single unit.

Do not have contructions costs, reduction of the civil works. Versatility to be used in multiple projects, which favors a quick return on investment.

Another noteworthy advantage of this equipment is that at the end of a project this equipment could move easily to another new location. This case is common in the oil and gas industry as well as in other industries; where at the end of a specific work can be easily continued elswhere in exploration production site. Likewise, mobile solutions reduce the cost of abandonment especially in fields of exploration or mining.

4fores is a young company and from 2013, is certified under ISO-9001, implements quality systems in its products and services.

Note that 4fores has engineering, experience and infraestructure to desing and assemble mobile equipments on trailer or shipping container. Performing special equipment designs to each customer needs.

The desing incorporates all the high-voltage equipments, from leading brans, that are necessary in a traditional substation:

High voltage equipment.

Power and auxiliary services transformers.

Control, measurement and protection.

Auxialiary systems AC/DC.



Our technical department develops equipment that possesses greater support for transport and location. In addition to looking desings that cover the maximum possible number of voltages.

They also ensure at all times compliance withc standards international (IEC) and technical regulations, as well as safety standards.

The main features that are considered in the desing of these teams are as follows:

Easy transport and installation.

Be composed of modular elements.

Is not necessary any kind of civil works for installation.

Ease and speed of installation.


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