QualiZer PQR

Recorder, analysis and grid codes compliance

4fores has different QualiZer recording devices with remote access with which to perform tests and collect information about field tests without the need of having technicians on site.

Usually, several aspects need to be analyzed in order to study any grid quality:

Harmonic distortion

Power measurements (active and reactive power) and power outages

Voltage changes in terms of amplitude, such as swells, overvoltages, voltage dips, phase shifts

Flicker and other transient phenomena

Frequency response

Why 4fores?

4fores has different QualiZer remote access loggers with which 4fores can perform tests and collect information on field tests without the need for technicians on the site.

The main characteristics of the equipment are:

Fast and wide reconfiguration of parameters

Remote control management

Automatic generation of daily, weekly or monthly reports

Variable frequency sampling

Friendly and simple interface

QualiZer is a smart register equipment capable of acquiring and processing signals with a high flexibility and easy handling. QualiZer has been designed, developed and manufactured to measure in real time the most important electrical variables using them to power quality assessment and to test the compliance of the most strict grid codes. It is achieved bty implementing fast math functions in software and displayed by automatic reports which allows the customer to save much time.

In such a manner the client could always know how their generation plant is working and get the following benefits:

Optimization of the production by controlling system's parameters

Fulfilling of any grid code requirement

Quick error detection

Various types of communication's interfaces

Customized ad-hoc software solution

Data storage and process for each type of test according to different standard at the same time

Able to configure free tests with parameters that customer may need

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