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Since the birth of 4fores, we have worked to desing and implement renewable energy systems and have participated in many projects related to renewable energies. We have the technical means and human resources necessary for to the development of such projects.

4fores differs from other renewable-energies companies in that we manufacture a diverse range of components for photovoltaic installations, such as the majority of our electronic equipment, which is epecially designed to control energy supply: inverters,charge controllers, etc.

At our headquarters in Zaragoza, our enginnering team creates these devices according to the highest standards of quality so that customers can obtain the very best renewable energy solutions - solutions which are adaptable to any location and resource-availability.

Project: Citeseneba

One of the latest projects on which we are working is at Thies (Senegal), a photovoltaic solar-energy back-up system si to be designed for installation on the rooftops of luxury homes in the Senegalese city. Photovoltaic panels with energy storage for both daytime and nightime electricity-supply have been installed and the system has been equipped with a network-failure detector which automatically supplies the houses with electricity from the photovoltaic system.

Project: Apollon

4fores is at the moment working on a renewable project to the Apollon building in Dakar (Senegal). The project consist in the desing, installation and commissioning of a renewable solution for the four Apollon builings of the CITE TOBAGO area. This solution will include a hybrid solar-photovoltaic system with batteries, also allowing conection to the grid.

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