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Permanent magnet electrical machine

PM motors and generators, unlike the induction motor, rely on permanent magnets to generate the magnetic field required for their operation. This configuration allows to reach a high power density and minimum losses, which translates into drive solutions with a weight and size much more favorable than the asynchronous motor, while reducing the necessary maintenance and reducing losses up to 70% compared to conventional induction motors, with the associated economic and energy savings.

Due to its superior technical characteristics, permanent magnet motors and alternators (also known as PM machines, PM alternators, PMSG, PMSM, torque motors, brushless motor, gearless machine ...) are the preferred solution in those specific applications where efficiency, weight and compactness prevail: electric generation (wind and hydraulic turbines) and electric traction (hybrid and electric vehicles, trains, aviation ...). Likewise, they are also a competitive investment in a large part of industrial applications where high torque is required: industrial drives, elevators and hoists, hydraulic pumps, extruder machines, fans and small appliances.

Our value proposition

4fores designs, manufactures and test permanent magnet synchronous machines, both alternators and motors, according to applicable standards. Our technical department has extensive experience in the design of high quality and high performance machines, using cutting edge design and manufacturing techniques developed thanks to our R&D activities. We are the right partner to obtain manufacturable, profitable and adaptable technical solutions to suit your needs.

Our catalog solutions operate between 500 and 1500 RPM, with power up to 50 kW and nominal torque of up to 500 Nm. The usage of standard IEC housings allows to integrate our machines in all types of industrial applications, and thanks to its careful design and the use of high quality materials, our range qualifies with the highest efficiency classes for variable speed drives according to the IEC 60034-30-2 standard: IE4 -Super Premium Efficiency and IE5-Ultra Premium Efficiency.

In addition, 4fores also develops designs ad-hoc, covering the whole process: design, prototyping and serial manufacturing of the customized solution. We can obtain flexible designs, adapted to the particular conditions of each application, with high efficiencies (90% - 95% depending on the application) in order to maximize investment return rates.

Catalog of motors and generators

The catalog of IEC-framed standard motors based on permanent magnets can be downloaded here.

Download catalog

Case study

The case study where you compare the economic savings obtained thanks to the use of our permanent magnet motors in industrial applications can be downloaded here.

Download case study
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