Grid integration of generation systems

The proliferation of generation systems, especially those from renewable sources, brings new requirements regarding network integration. These new technologies must offer ancillary services such as the ability to tolerate voltage dips (LVRT - Low Voltage Ride Through) or Swells (HVRT - High Voltage Ride Through), providing or consuming reactive power during an eventual fault.

QuEST Lab is a laboratory test designed and manufactured by 4fores to evaluate the suitability of generation systems according to the grid code applicable, at the onset of network events such as voltage dips, swells or phase changes.



Since 2008, 4fores accumulates extensive experience in the area of electrical testing and certification of power generation systems , performing numerous tests and technical inspections for certification of multiple wind, photovoltaic systems or gensets of various technologies, powers and manufacturers.

In addition to being specialists in testing, 4fores has also successfully completed the design, manufacture and maintenance of customized electrical test equipment, both for internal use (QuEST Lab) and for sale to other companies.



Due to the versatility of QuEST Lab, 4fores is capable of testing under any rule or standard grid code worldwide, and meet any specific need.

Extensive experience on standards and more challenging grid codes
  • PO 12.3, PO 12.2. (Spain)

  • FGW TG3 y TG4 FGW (Germany)

  • IEC 61400-21 Ed. 2. (Europe)

4fores has conducted tests and reports according to different grid codes
  • Europe: UK, Poland, France (FEDER and RTE), EON (Italy), Croatia or Romania
  • North America: EEUU, Canada
  • South America: Ecuador, Brazil
  • Asia: China
Following our philosophy of customization, 4fores has also conducted tests with specific requirements
  • Precertification and validation tests
  • External audit in power plants with events or faults in their electrical behavior



QuEST Lab testing laboratory possess the most advanced technology, which ensures not only cost savings to its customers, but also be a reference to safety, efficiency and automation.

Without production losses
Thanks to the modularity and the unique design of the laboratory, QuEST Lab gets minimize the downtime making no generation loss, since the generator only disengages at the time of the series connection of test equipment QuEST Lab between the network and the equipment to be tested, remaining coupled to the network throughout the test period.
Previous simulation to optimize test timing
For optimum utilization of the weather conditions, 4fores gets equipment that allows simulation to recreate the behavior of test equipment as previous step to the execution of the actual test, minimizing test duration by subjecting the system to strictly necessary testing, and maximizing the use of power conditions.
Full automation and security
Tests performance is executed by a full-remotely control, being possible to carry out the configuration from the attached control office without entering inside the laboratory. In addition, QuEST Lab has a protection system, which in case of an unwanted disturbance occur, would be activated and would protect both the test facility as the mobile laboratory.
QuEST Lab mobile laboratory is mounted on a trailer platform type, a feature that gives it full mobility and allowing to travel by road to the facility itself.

QuEST Lab innovative design allows to perform tests reaching 130% of the rated voltage, to induce dips throughout the whole voltage range (from the nominal voltage to zero voltage) and phase jumps of up to 35 °.

Additionaly, thanks to its more than 10,000 combinations of settings, QuEST Lab fits perfectly in any test condition required, being able to reach a hole's depth resolution of even less than 1% in some situations.

Grid integration of generation systems

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