Inductive component designs

Tailor made magnetics

Almost any electronic system requires inductive components for its correct operation, but it is not always possible to use commercial components in each design. This fact is emphasized in those systems whose powers exceeds 500 W, in devices operating at switching frequencies above 10 kHz, or where special requirements or limitations exist (refrigeration, size, low losses ...).

Therefore, the use of "custom" inductive components is common in power electronics stages, since each application is different and a custom component allows reaching high optimization levels, mitigating the potential disadvantages related to the operation of the inductive component under high frequency and power conditions.

Designed to suit your needs

At 4fores, we will be happy to advise you on the design of the inductive component that suits best your application. One of our main assets is our technical team: expert in the design of various ad-hoc inductive components.

Main purpose chokes and coils

Toroidal inductors and components for EMI mitigation

Inductive components for resonant stages

High frequency transformers (HF)

Planar magnetics

FEM tools

The use of FEM tools (Finite Element Method) together with our proprietary design software and the experience accumulated in almost a decade, allows 4forees to obtain compact, robust and high quality technical solutions. In addition, our manufacturing partner network is capable to undertake manufacturing of prototypes and small to medium series in very short times, bringing to life magnetic designs with a wide variety of winding types, configurations and materials: litz wire, copper & aluminum plate, copper & aluminum sheet, enameled copper wire …

Specialists in high frequency inductive components

As an example, our contribution to the design of high frequency magnetic components (up to MHz) at PowerBase project was presented at the GaN Marathon 2018 congress, held in Padova, Italy

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