Power Quality assessment

Since the beginning of its activities in 2008, field testing and power quality assessment services have been one of the main areas of activity at 4fores, carrying out numerous audits for the evaluation of electrical behavior and quality of electrical production, which consist of the registration of events in the network for the verification of:

Flicker level


Frequency response

Voltage control

Provision of active and reactive power


These registries and their subsequent analysis are able to characterize the existing levels of quality of supply, and with that to reduce the problems that these phenomena cause in the installation, the main ones being:

Poor network performance


Premature aging of equipment


The power quality assessment tests are based on a register of the voltage and current signals at the points of interest of the customer's installation according to the procedure established by regulation, whose subsequent analysis allows to calculate the most relevant indicators regarding grid quality of the installation at the measurement points.

In order to record the signal during the tests, 4FORES has recording equipment (QualiZer) specifically designed by our technical team, which, thanks to its modularity and versatility, can be adapted to any type of installation and tests that the customer may need.

Qualizer allows not only to verify compliance with international network quality standards (IEC 61400-21 and FGW), but also to detect anomalous conditions in the supply, processing and analyzing this information to determine the origin of the disturbance. In addition, the signal analysis software used by QualiZer equipment has been developed by 4FORES with the aim of facilitating the analysis of the records according to the procedures set by regulations.

Also, our QualiZer is a device that can be controlled, configured and can download the records remotely, so it is not necessary on-site personnel for monitoring, configuration and control of the records, reducing the cost and duration of the power quality assessment campaign. You can find more information about our QualiZer equipment here.

Power Quality Catalog

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