QualiZer ETR

Grid quality Analizer

In addition to the test solution compliance for grid codes, the QualiZer recording equipment can be used to record data during certain specific period of time for different types of events. Through this type of software loads can be characterized, and also it is useful to evaluate the behaviour of different electrical facilities to any event presented in the network.

The modularity of the QualiZer recorder equimpent allows to have different types of signal adaptation modules to measure different signals. At the moment QualiZer has the following type of modules:

Modules with voltage input signals type

          • Nominal voltage of 110 Vrms with banana terminals
          • Nominal voltage of 10 Vrms with banana and bnc terminals
Modules with current input signaltype:

          • Current rated 5 Arms with screw terminals
          • Current rated 0-20mA, 4-20mA with banana terminals

Anyway, this is not a limitation since 4fores is able to prepare modules for all levels of voltage or current required by the customer, or to measure any other kind of signal.

For this application, the software is designed to allow the user to define the characteristics of the events to detect:

Thresholds of instantaneous values

Thresholds of RMS values

Thresholds of derived from RMS values

Thresholds of frequency values

Thresholds of triphasic power values (apparent, active and reactive)

Interface QualiZer
Interface 1 QualiZer
Interface 2 QualiZer

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